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Shop latest Witch costumes for women & men for halloween & other events at low prices.

Katya Spelling Girls Costume comes in Child Size 4-6 and Toddler Size 3T-4T
Celestial Witch Women Costume comes in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large
Voodoo Dolly Women Costume comes in sizes Small/Medium,Medium/Large
Evie Descendant 3 Girl Wig comes in one size that usually fits all

Women's Mystical Charmer Costume comes in sizes medium, large and X-Large
Girl's Miss Teller Of Fortunes Costume comes in sizes Medium and Large
Succubus Horned Headpiece includes one headpiece
Gryffindor Harry Potter Womens Skirt includes one skirt

Evil Old Witch Mask includes latex mask
The Wicked Witch Of The West Women Costume includes faux fur shawl collared shrug, skirt with flared hemline, hat and pendant ...
The Black Witch Woman Costume Skirt brings one skirt
The Black Witch Costume Women brings a halter top, attached corset and skirt

The Scarlette Mistress Witch Woman Costume brings a full length hooded dress
The Evil Enchantress Queen Woman Costume brings a gown and horns
The Black Shrug Cozy Wings With Ears For Women brings a headband and wings
The Spellcaster Witch Plus Size Women Costume brings a dress, skirt, belt and hat

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Superstition tells of witches casting spells on unsuspecting people transforming them into different forms. Witches can also take on many animal forms. The black cat for instance has long been associated with witches and thus many superstitions have evolved about cats. If was believed that witches could change into cats. Some also believed that cats were the spirits of the dead. Witches were also believed to be able to turn themselves into hares. If a hunter shot such a hare it would not die but turn back into a witch and the bullet would be visible. In to order to kill a “witch hare” a hunter would have to use silver bullets. Because of this many people believed that hares were unlucky. If a pregnant women encountered one it was believed her baby would be born with a “hare lip.” Transform into a witch this halloween in one of the best Witch Costumes available for Kids and Adults including plus size.
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