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Vampire Vixen Adult Costume includes a panne and burgundy brocade dress with corset like boning, center front lace up, multi ...
Gothic Vamp Costume includes a black gown with jagged hem and sleeves,, attached stand up collar, and belt with red design
Sexy Vampiress Costume includes pink long bell sleeved mini dress with gothic style collar
Victorian Vampiress Costume includes a satin plum corset style dress featuring an attached stand up collar and a ankle length ...

Evil Count Costume includes long black coat with attached red standing foam collar and cuffs and red and black jabot neck ...
Twilight Bite Costume includes, stretch knit dress with contrast burgundy scalloped edge neckline
Vampira Costume includes dress with adjustable red corset and arm drapes
Till Death Do Us Part Costume includes two sided robe with classic vampire costume at front and gothic bride on back and ...

Glamour Vamp Costume includes a red top with jagged edges, detachable collar, adjustable skirt to rise up or down, Victorian ...
Vampire Queen Costume includes long stain mermaid style dress with black glittery bat and lacing down front and sheer cape ...
Vampire Vixen Costume includes Dress with diagonal rhinestone hook and eye closure with sleek slip underneath and gloves
Coffin Queen Costume includes

Twilight Vamp Costume includes a black dress with red metallic ribbon accents for a corset type look, sheer Victorian sleeves ...
Last Kiss Vampiress style costume, black and red halter top mini dress with attached stand up collar
Cape Dracula Leather Like Costume Includes long black leather-looking cloth cape with stand-up collar and tie closure in ...
Vampire Red Costume includes long Cape, white Shirt, grey Vest, black Bow tie, red Medallion necklace, and Cummerbund

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A vampire is a corpse that comes to life at night to drink people’s blood while they sleep. In central and South America, there are real vampire bats with sharp teeth. They drink the blood of horses, cattle, and other animals. Vampires are said to be influenced by actual vampire bats because the most common method used by the creature is piercing a hole in the victim with their sharp fangs and sucking blood from the pierced area. Vampires are also usually depicted as nocturnal who do not come out during the day, similar to vampire bats. Transform into a vampire this halloween in one of the best Vampire Costumes available for Kids and Adults including plus size.
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